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Comprehensive Eye Exams for Cowichan Families

There is so much that your eyes do for you every day. Whether it’s checking your e-mails, getting dressed, driving your morning commute, or taking care of family, we rely on our vision for so much of our daily lives.

But as we age, our eyes can become more susceptible to a variety of health issues. Many eye issues and diseases rarely exhibit symptoms in their early stages, so you may not even know something is wrong until permanent vision loss has already occurred.

Annual eye exams play a critical role in monitoring your eye health and addressing issues as they arise. Take preventative steps to protect the future of your vision and book your next appointment today.

How Often Should You Schedule an Eye Exam?

Eye exams are an essential part of maintaining your overall health and clear vision. Your eyes can indicate signs of potential eye disease and over 270 systemic health conditions. Our eye doctors provide comprehensive care for early detection and intervention.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends visiting your optometrist based on age:

  • Adults 20–39: every 2–3 years
  • Adults 40–64: every 2 years
  • Adults 65+: annually

We may recommend more frequent eye exams, depending on your unique eyes and your risk of developing an eye disease. 

Our Technology & In-Depth Approach

At Cowichan Eyecare, we’ve built our foundation on providing quality patient care. Your appointment with our careful, thorough, and compassionate team will include an in-depth review of your medical history and optical needs. 

We also use diagnostic technology paired with tried-and-true methods to thoroughly assess your vision and eye health, and address any issues we discover.

OCT, or optical coherence tomography, is used to photograph the thickness of the 10 layers in the retina.

An OCT scan helps us determine whether your eyes are healthy and gives us the information we need to treat problems thoroughly and effectively. OCT is used to guide treatment for diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

The optomap gives us an ultra-wide view of your retina and does not require dilation drops.

The images taken are stored for future reference so that we can keep track of changes in your eye structure, no matter how small. This allows for early diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases that may not present with symptoms until their later stages.

LipiFlow can help relieve dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. This technology uses gentle heating and massaging on both the inner and outer eyelids to effectively remove blockages that can cause dry eyes.

This gentle treatment lasts approximately 12 minutes per session. Full results are expected 6–8 weeks after treatment.

Our meibomian glands are responsible for the oily component of our tear film, called meibum, which helps prevent your tears from evaporating too quickly. If these glands are not functioning correctly, it can lead to dry eyes.

Meibography refers to a group of technologies and techniques used to image and study the affected individuals’ meibomian glands.

When Your Exam Is Complete

Once we’ve completed your exam, we will discuss the next steps with you, including updating your prescription if necessary and helping you find a new pair of glasses to suit your lifestyle. If you require additional testing or specialist consultations, our team can offer referrals and help you book these additional appointments.

And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, we take the time to ensure they are thoroughly addressed. We want you to feel confident in your vision. Visit us today!

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