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Cowichan Eyecare is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care. We do our best when it comes to the products, services, and treatments we provide. Although there is currently no cure for colour blindness, we can help you to discover the world in colour with EnChroma.

EnChroma lenses use technology to filter certain wavelengths of light, resulting in enhanced colour vision for the wearer. This technology has been adjusted to make a wide range of lenses available to suit a variety of different colour vision deficiencies.

You can test yourself to see if you may have colour blindness by checking out the colour blindness test on EnChroma’s website. This test can help you determine if you have a form of colour vision deficiency. Visiting an optometrist for an assessment is important to ensure you have an accurate diagnosis of colour deficiency.

If you believe you have a form of colour blindness, please book an eye exam with us so we can help you find the right pair of EnChroma eyeglasses to best serve your vision. You can give yourself or someone you love the gift of colour. Contact Cowichan Eyecare to learn more today.

What Is Colour Vision Deficiency?

Colour vision deficiency (CVD)—often referred to as colour blindness—affects millions of people worldwide. With 1 in 10 men affected by this visual deficiency, it’s a common condition.

Our eyes use cells called cones to perceive light. An eye with regular colour vision has 3 types of cones, which are each used to detect different types of colour. When someone has CVD, it means that some, or all, of their cones are not functioning properly.

These cones are generally classified by the types of wavelengths they detect:

  • S-cones are short-wavelength sensitive and perceive light on the blue spectrum.
  • M-cones are middle-wavelength sensitive and perceive light on the green spectrum.
  • L-cones are long-wavelength sensitive and perceive light on the red spectrum.

To be technical, actual colour blindness, the total inability to identify any type of colour, is called monochromacy. This type of colour vision deficiency is extremely rare in comparison to other types.

CVD called dichromacy occurs when individuals only have 2 types of functioning cones. Because one cone type does not function, the eyes cannot see any colours in that particular area of the light spectrum, making them more difficult to distinguish than others.

Anomalous Trichromacy CVD is characterized by all types of cones functioning, but one improperly. This is the most common type of CVD and results in reduced sensitivity to one type of light, which causes some colours to be less distinguishable from others.

Varieties Of CVD

Several varieties of colour vision deficiency exist. The eyes may have a red-green or blue-yellow deficiency. 

  • Deuteranomaly makes green look like red.
  • Protanomaly makes red look like green as well as dull.
  • Protanopia and deuteranopia both make red and green indistinguishable.
  • Tritanomaly causes blue and green, as well as yellow and red, difficult to distinguish.
  • Tritanopia makes it difficult to distinguish between blue and green, purple and red, and yellow and pink.

What Causes CVD?

There are a few different culprits when it comes to colour vision deficiency.

  • Genetics: CVD is most often passed from mother to son, although many more men than women are affected.
  • Accidents: Strokes, injuries, and other emergency health crises can cause CVD due to damage to parts of the brain and the eyes.
  • Other conditions: Certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, leukemia, and glaucoma, can lead to CVD.
  • Medications: In some cases, the cause of CVD can be linked to antibiotics, barbiturates, and other classes of medications.
  • Age: Some individuals may lose their ability to perceive colour along with other visual components as they age.

Trauma and environmental impacts: After a severe head injury or following exposure to chemicals such as carbon monoxide, colour vision may become deficient.

The Challenges of Living with Colour Vision Deficiency

More often than not, colour blindness may be brushed off as inconsequential or simply inconvenient. But the reality for those affected by CVD is much more serious.

A lot of worldly systems—cultural, societal, financial—are colour-coded. Green is often used as a positive signal and red as a negative. Consider the red “F” on a poorly completed school assignment or the changing traffic lights at an intersection.

Without the ability to see colours, people affected by CVD have a very different experience from those who have regular colour vision.

With our help, you can see a world full of colour. Book an appointment and learn more about EnChroma. 

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