What Is IPL Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome?

A woman wearing a haircut and protective glasses undergoes IPL on the area below her eyes.

What Is IPL Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome? If you are dealing with dry eye syndrome, your eyes may be irritated and itchy, or you may have a gritty feeling in your eyes. Professional methods, apart from at-home treatments, such as IPL (intense pulsed light), can provide relief from dry eye syndrome.  More than 6 […]

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When Should a Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

A young boy wearing a pair of trial frames as the female optometrist adjusts them.

When Should Children Have Their First Eye Exam? Children learn by seeing what’s around them. The world can seem scary and confusing if they can’t see clearly and do not even realize they have visual issues. The Canadian Association of Optometrists states that 25% of school-aged children have vision problems.  For those reasons, it’s crucial […]

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Can People With Dry Eyes Wear Contacts?

Close up of man putting in contact lens into eye

If you have dry eye disease, you’re well aware of the irritating symptoms that can come with it. If you wear contact lenses, these symptoms can be even worse.  If you have dry eye disease, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear contacts! At Cowichan Eyecare we’re here to help you find the right contacts so […]

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Can Dry Eyes Cause Headaches?

Women experiencing headaches due to dry eye

Dry eyes can cause many annoying and uncomfortable symptoms. Light sensitivity, difficulty wearing contact lenses, and itchy, burning eyes are common. If you have dry eyes and frequent headaches, are these conditions connected?  Continue reading to learn more about the relationship between these conditions, including if dry eyes can cause headaches.   What Is Dry Eye […]

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How to Treat Dry Eyes Naturally

Women touching eyes due to experience of dry eyes

Dry eyes can lead to significant irritation and inflammation, lowering your quality of life. Your optometrist has several ways to relieve your symptoms at home or with in-office treatments, depending on your needs. If you prefer a natural remedy for dry eyes, how can you treat this condition?  Continue reading to learn more about dry […]

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What Is the Main Cause of Dry Eye?

Split screen showing dry eyes on the left and healthy eyes on the right

Unfortunately, the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye are very common. Around 6 million Canadians suffer from the scratchy, gritty sensations associated with the condition.  Fortunately, relief is available. In order for your optometrist to recommend the best dry treatment, they first need to understand what the underlying cause of your dry eye might be.  What […]

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What is Included in an Eye Exam?

Young women undergoing eye exam at eye doctors clinic while wearing mask

You’re likely familiar with eye exams in general, but your last visit to your eye doctor might have been a few years ago. Regular eye exams are vital for your eye health, but what happens during your appointment?  Your optometrist has several diagnostic tests to help identify any potential issues. Continue reading to learn more […]

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Eye Exam Essentials: Part 1

Last year I wrote two articles discussing the pretest, which takes place with a technician prior to seeing your Optometrist. Pretest includes lensometry (glasses measurement), autorefraction (prescription starting point), intraocular pressure, visual field, retinal scans, and retinal photographs. Once the pretest is completed, you will be escorted to a sanitized exam room and seated in […]

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