Colored and Decorative Contact Lenses

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Halloween can be an exciting time of the year for people that enjoy dressing up and showing off as a favorite person, place, or thing.  For those trying to achieve a specific look or simply interested in something unique and fun, decorative contact lenses can be a great way to compliment and complete an outfit.  Novelty or costume contact lenses are available in a wide array of designs, colors, and themes including: 

Star, Cat Eye, Vampire, Bat Signal, Zombie, Cross, Robot/Cyborg, Blood Shot, Purple, Blue, White, Black, Red, and many more..!

Unfortunately, it is still possible to find these specialty contact lenses being sold illegally in costume shops, novelty stores, and on-line.  The unlicensed sale of contact lenses is dangerous because the consumer is often poorly educated on correct wearing habits and the potential risks involved, which include eye infection and ulceration, painful vision loss, and even permanent blindness.  Contact lenses are regulated medical devices and as such, should be treated with care and respect; any contact lens intended to be placed on the eye should be selected and examined by either an optometrist or ophthalmologist, licensed medical professionals in eye care.  The doctor and their staff will work with the patient to ensure that the contact lenses are handled and worn safely, comfortably, and with clear vision for any occasion.

Tips for Safe and Effective Contact Lens Use: 
1. Never bathe or swim in contact lenses, including in hot tubs, as tap water is unsafe to use with contacts.


2. Avoid sleeping/napping in contact lenses, even those approved for overnight wear, as the risk of inflammation and infection increases dramatically with extended wear. 
3. If a contact lens becomes uncomfortable it should be removed and cleaned with digital rubbing before reinsertion, if necessary.  If discomfort or decreased vision persists seek optometric care promptly.
4. Non-preserved re-wetting drops, or artificial tears, can improve contact lens comfort during regular wearing but they can also be useful in ‘floating’ the lens off the cornea just prior to removal.
5. One should follow up with their Eye Care Professional at least annually if they plan to continue wearing contacts.  This annual exam is important to check for potential complications secondary to contact lens wear, which can often be asymptomatic or unnoticed by the wearer until more serious issues arise.

Bat Crusader

Written by Cowichan

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