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Eye Exam Essentials: Part 1

Last year I wrote two articles discussing the pretest, which takes place with a technician prior to seeing your Optometrist. Pretest includes lensometry (glasses measurement), autorefraction (prescription starting point), intraocular pressure, visual field, retinal scans, and retinal photographs. Once the pretest is completed, you will be escorted to a sanitized exam room and seated in […]

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Could your cosmetics be leading to dry eye disease?

Dry eye is becoming quite the buzz word. We are hearing more about it as we spend more time on digital devices and as dry eye research and treatment options expand rapidly. Is there anything in your beauty routine that could be contributing to or increasing your risk of developing dry eye disease? Dry eye […]

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The Trouble with Hubble

In the age of amazon consumers have access to almost anything they could dream of delivered straight to their door. This has proven rather useful during the ongoing pandemic as it allows consumers to avoid unnecessary trips outside. While there is no harm in having a lifetime supply of toilet paper and lysol wipes delivered […]

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What is low vision and what options are available for enhancing low vision?

Low vision is uncorrectable visual loss that interferes with daily activities.   It cannot be improved with regular glasses, contact lenses, or medical intervention. Individuals with low vision may experience any combination of a reduction or loss of colour vision, central or peripheral vision, and a reduction in the ability to adjust to changing levels […]

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The Purpose of the Pretest: Part 2

After lensometry and autorefraction are completed (see the Part 1 article last month), the pretest then focuses on ocular health screening. At some of our clinics, your intraocular pressure will be measured by the technician during pretest. This technique is called non-contact tonometry (NCT). You will be asked to remain still and keep your eyes […]

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The Purpose of the Pretest: Part 1

When you arrive for an eye exam at Cowichan Eyecare, you will spend the first portion of your eye exam experience with one of our highly trained technicians. The tests that are done prior to seeing your Optometrist are collectively called the “pretest.” The tests run depend on your age, the type of exam you […]

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