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Take a Closer Look at Your Lashes

Do your eyelids often feel red, swollen, and itchy, with crusts clumping your eyelashes together? Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes several times a day and not finding relief? Does your vision only seem clear for the second or two after you blink? Do your eyes sting and burn and sometimes feel as though […]

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Could your cosmetics be leading to dry eye disease?

Dry eye is becoming quite the buzz word. We are hearing more about it as we spend more time on digital devices and as dry eye research and treatment options expand rapidly. Is there anything in your beauty routine that could be contributing to or increasing your risk of developing dry eye disease? Dry eye […]

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The Trouble with Hubble

In the age of amazon consumers have access to almost anything they could dream of delivered straight to their door. This has proven rather useful during the ongoing pandemic as it allows consumers to avoid unnecessary trips outside. While there is no harm in having a lifetime supply of toilet paper and lysol wipes delivered […]

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MiyoSmart Spectacle Lenses – A Breathrough in Myopia Control

Myopia is a condition in which distance vision is blurry but one’s close vision remains clear (hence it’s common name “near-sightedness”).  It is most commonly caused by the eye growing too long, and is one of the most common reasons that people wear glasses or contact lenses.  Myopia typically develops in childhood and continues to […]

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Eyegiene the Natural Way with Hypochlorous Acid

Make room for a new promising addition to your dry eye care – hypochlorous acid (HOCl). It has a long history in the medical field with uses in wound care before antibiotics were available. Fast forward to the present day and HOCl is used in several healthcare industries ranging from dentistry, dermatology and optometry.   HOCl […]

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Subscription Contact Lenses

The world has moved to subscription services. Everything from your cell phone and cable to Netflix and Spotify for movies and music. Subscription allows consumers to spread the cost evenly every month providing the ability to budget costs and have a cost certainty. In eyecare the industry is introducing new subscription services. Our Cowichan Eyecare […]

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Myopia Management – Part 2

Last month we started the conversation about the increasing prevalence of myopia and how environmental factors may play a significant role. This month we will concentrate on some of those factors and what current management options we have. At birth, the human eye typically has a low amount of hyperopia (farsightedness). Throughout childhood, this hyperopia […]

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