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Are Daily or Monthly Contacts Better for Dry Eyes? in

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Choosing the right type of contact lenses is crucial for maintaining eye health and comfort, especially for individuals with dry eyes. The debate between daily and monthly contacts for those who have dry eye syndrome is ongoing. 

If you deal with dry eyes, then generally daily contact lenses are the preferred option. Changing your contact lenses daily reduces debris build up and prevents the lenses from drying out. It may also depend on various factors such as individual needs, budget, environmental considerations, and lifestyle considerations. 

Understanding Dry Eyes & Contact Lenses

When you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes either fail to produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly, causing irritation and inflammation. Wearing contact lenses might worsen these symptoms. Therefore, selecting the right type of contact lenses is crucial.

Daily Disposable Contacts: Pros & Cons

At the end of each day, you can recycle your contact lenses and their packaging, then start fresh with a new pair the next day.


  • Hygiene: Using clean, new lenses each day helps reduce the possibility of deposits or irritants accumulating on the surface of the lenses, which can make symptoms worse for dry eyes.
  • Convenience: There’s no need to clean or store lenses overnight, saving time and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Comfort: Compared to some materials used in monthly lenses, many daily disposables are constructed of materials that retain moisture better.


  • Cost: The convenience and benefits of daily disposables come at a higher price than monthly lenses, as you need a new pair every day.
  • Prescription considerations: Not all prescriptions are available in daily disposable lenses. If you have a specialized prescription that is not supported, then daily disposables may simply not be an option.

Monthly Contact Lenses: Pros & Cons

Monthly contacts are designed to be used for an entire month. With proper care, cleaning, and storage, they can be a cost-effective option. Monthly contact lenses and their packing can also be recycled once used.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Monthly lenses are generally more cost-effective than daily lenses, as you use fewer lenses over time.
  • Customizable wear: Monthly lenses offer options for extended or continuous wear, allowing for flexibility in scheduling and usage patterns. 


  • Maintenance: They require regular cleaning and proper storage, which can be a hassle and might increase the risk of eye infections if not done correctly.
  • Potential comfort issues over time: Protein and lipid deposits can build up on monthly lenses, potentially causing discomfort for those with dry eyes.

Which is Better for Dry Eyes?

Overall, if you suffer with dry eyes, it may be worthwhile to consider wearing daily contact lenses. Daily contact lenses are hygienic, since they are single-use, there may be less risks for infection or any other factors influencing your dry eyes. If you are concerned about the environmental impact, at Cowichan we are part of the Bausch & Lomb contact lens recycling program! 

 Here are a few factors to discuss with your optometrist to help guide your decision: 

  • Individual eye condition: The intensity of your eye condition is a critical factor. Daily disposables may be the best comfort and hygienic option for moderate to severe dry eye sufferers because they start each day with a lens free of lipid or protein buildup that could exacerbate symptoms.
  • Lifestyle considerations: Daily disposables are appealing if you have a busy schedule and would rather have convenience than upkeep. They do away with the requirement for a cleaning regimen, saving time and lowering the possibility of introducing irritants that could exacerbate symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Budget constraints: Long-term, monthly lenses are more cost-effective. If money is a major consideration for you, monthly lenses may be suitable if taken care of and maintained properly. However, spending money on high-quality lens care products is necessary to reduce discomfort and preserve eye health.
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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers With Dry Eyes

Regardless of the type of contact lens you choose, there are additional strategies to help manage dry eyes: 

  • Stay hydrated: Keeping your body well-hydrated helps maintain moisture in your eyes.
  • Use eye drops: Lubricating eye drops approved for the use of contact lenses can provide relief from dryness and discomfort.
  • Take breaks: Regular breaks from screen time and proper blinking can help reduce dry eye symptoms.
  • Consult regularly with your eye care professional: Regular check-ups can help adjust your contact lens prescription and dry eye treatment as needed. 

Next Steps

Overall, daily contact lenses may be a better choice for people who have dry eyes for their hygienic nature. Ultimately, the ideal option will vary depending on personal criteria such as budget, lifestyle preferences, and severity of dry eye symptoms. 

Making an informed choice regarding comfort and eye health requires speaking with an optometrist who is aware of your unique needs. We at Cowichan Eyecare can support you in making that choice and help with the symptoms of dry eyes. Book an appointment to speak with an optometrist to find out more.

Written by Dr. Anita Voisin, OD

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